H4engine : Strong Simple and Scalable C++ architecture designed for fast development and prototyping



H4 engine provide a full "ready to run" framework to begin development and prototyping of your 3D applications.

A Fully customisable level editor provided with source code

  • Instantaneous "Click and Play" from editor
  • Properties grid with Class array edition
  • Graphical State machine editor
  • Simulation loop module
  • Entities tree
  • Networked Level Edition (Beta) using openTNL



Start pack of Fully dynamic loadable entities or modules (see examples and documentation)

  • FPS explorer
  • Third Person Character controler
  • Triggers
  • Static Object
  • Rigid bodies
  • etc...

Customisable Rendering Pipeline :

  • User customisable pixel shaders and vertex shader directely refreshable from editor
  •  Deferred HDR ligthing
    • ambient
    • omni
    • spot
    • neon
  •  PostProcess,
  • Customisable Cascaded shadow mapping
  • Screen Space Ambient Oclusion
  • Scene graph API
  • Dynamic Lazy octree
  • Automatic Hardware instancing
  • Skinning with Dual Quaternion
  • Automatic LOD generation (in progress)
  • Directionnal antialising



Collision and Physic module using PhysX from NVIDIA

  • Fully parallelised Physic simulation using GPU on Nvidia hardware
  • Character Actor
    • capsules
    • AABB
  • Rigid bodies




Integred Sound module using Fmod

  • 3D and 2D sounds
  • Musics
  • Doppler effects

Easy Scalable Multithreading

  • Job manager with Automatic load balancing
  • "Built in" Graphical Hierarchical Multithread Profiling 
  • Up to 32 core and associated hardware thread





Graphical State machine using fast expression interpreter for fast prototyping of animations and behaviours

  • Powerfull Multithreaded animation system
  • Motion graph with state machine
  • Blending, mixing, postprocess
  • Dual Quaternion Skinning








Runtime introspection with the H4ClassManager

  • Class and references management
  • Recursive class properties management
  • Dynamic Array support
  • Function call support

Network programming

  • High Level Entity replication
  • Internet lobby application


Strong referencing and management of data resource :

  • Package Files builder
  • HTPP file loader

External tools :

  • 3DSMAX plugins to export to H4 file format
  • Motion builder FBX file converter to H4 format
  • Dual Quaternion Skinning visualisation plugin for 3DSMAX